How Much Will I Get at The Wreckers for My Wrecked Car?

How Much Will I Get at The Wreckers for My Wrecked Car?
Posted on 10th, Aug 21

The Majority of car owners have one question in their mind that- How Much Can I Get for My Wrecked Car from the Auto Wreckers? If you are also one of them who is seeking this answer, you have come to the right blog today. Sydney Auto Removal comprehends that your car might be in wrecked or scrap condition & still want to earn the best value out of it. So, the short answer is that there are different factors that determine the worth of your vehicle.

Let’s Check Out the Factors that Determine Your Wrecked Car’s Worth


The car’s condition is one of the major factors that influence the wrecked car’s worth. It can increase or decrease your car’s price in the market; however, if the car is in drivable condition, you are supposed to get the highest possible amount of dollars. In this situation, you can also get it sold at an auction. But if the car’s parts are in the worst condition i.e. Failure Engine or technical faults, it should be sold for recycling of its metals and it makes you earn a handsome amount in return.


When the car is scrap or rusted in body condition, its weight of scrap metals gets calculated in the market. You can fetch a good amount depending on the current market rate of junk metals. The approximate weight of the metals is near about two tonnes.
Most Importantly, don’t forget to disclose all the accurate descriptions of the vehicle at the time of evaluation. The appraiser should know all ins and outs of your scrap car for offering fair and genuine price quotes.

Make & Model –

The make and model of the vehicles are also other factors that influence the worth of your car. For instance, if you have BMW and you are selling it for recycling purposes, the weight of the vehicle is more substantial than a Hyundai. Isn’t it so? The more popular the make is, the more will be its worth of scrap metals.

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